Becky Srl

Becky Srl offers an evolved and complete range of cutting equipments like Laser, Plasma, Drilling, Pipe Cutting, Oxyfuel highly performing and complete with accessories, dedicated programs and numeric controls specifically developed for these technologies, as well as a wide range of complementary tools allowing flexibility similar to real workstations.

Plasma Cutting Head Bevel 3D

The Plasma Cutting Head 3D Bevel 5 axes is designed and built by Becky for maximum strength, reduced dimension, light weight, complete protection of moving components and for maximum operational flexibility allowing cutting angle up to ±45° and endless rotation.

Plasma Cutting Machine Raptor

The model Raptor is provided of an electro-welded steel Portal very strong though lightweight granting accurate axes positioning and great resistance to the working stress.

Plasma Cutting Machine Job Master

The model Job Master offers a solid mechanical structure reinforced sized to support Plasma cutting head combined with complementary heavy duty accessories, however ensuring exceptional accuracy and fast axes positioning.

Smart HD

Compact design, reduced overall dimension, fast dynamic axes positioning and high-quality components such as drives, motors, racks, pinions combined with a customized numerical control for thermal cutting technology make Smart HD the ideal choice for working dimensions up to 2.000×6.000mm and thickness up to 25mm.


Sharp is the real plug&play solution for Plasma Cutting, offering precision, user friendly learning and execution, fast installation time, best working flexibility. Easy to install and to program, minimum maintenance required. Just enough to place it, to connect the electric power supply and compressed air as cutting gas to start producing byinteractive and intuitive programming.

Plasma Tube 3D

Plasma Tube 3D is the best solution to cut round, square, rectangular Pipes and Profiles. Strong mechanical structure, Brushless Motors positioning for all the axes, powerful and accurate rotating Spindles with 4 roller jaws. Wide range of working Pipes dimensions and weight, flexible equipment with Air or High Definition Plasma source. Strongly recommended for metal constructions like Industrial Buildings, Sport Arenas and Bridges, lighting and road sign poles, petrochemical industry and many new applications.

Plasma Generators

Becky proposes a full and flexible range of plasma cutting generators by worldwide best-known manufacturers. High Definition and Air Generators are professionally recommended depending of type and thickness of working materials and their following employment with careful regard about the value of the investment.

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