Hypertherm Generators

Plasma Cutting Generators

Nearly 50 years in cutting: for us in Hypertherm the target is merely the cutting.

All our colleagues - from our engineers to our production and support teams - are focused on finding the best cutting solutions in the industry. It is a mission that dates back to about 50 years ago at the time of our first industrial cutting patent.

Today, our patent collection about Plasma Generators continues to grow as well as increases our untiring purposes of innovation introducing new Plasma, Laser and Waterjet cutting services and technologies that can support our Customers to reach the best cutting results and to carry out their business target. For this reason, to execute precision cuts for components of viaducts, agricultural machinery, scraping, welding preparation or skyscraper construction anywhere in the world you can rely on Hypertherm.

No matter what you cut, where or how, we are here to provide a cutting solution that best suits your needs.

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