Job Master

Plasma Cutting Equipment

It's easy to say compact but it's not enough!

The model JOB Master offers a strong structure fully structured for heavy duty Plasma cutting, Oxyfuel and complementary accessories ensuring exceptional positioning accuracy and speed.

The most required complementary accessories in combination with Plasma cutting that we propose are 3D Bevel Head, Drilling and Tapping Unit with automatic tool changer, Rotating Pipe Cutting for round and shaped pipes as well as beams and metal profiles, Oxyfuel Torch.

The particular strength of the compact structure and the solid electro welded portal allow the installation of many accessories also with relevant weight and working pressure preserving the best precision when cutting holes and slots by precise and fast axes positioning and the optimal adjustment of motor ramps.

Not only speed but also better management of axes speed up and slow down, indispensable condition for the best cutting quality.

The highly automated Numerical Control contains a complete library of precise and tested cutting parameters supported by a clear and interactive graphic screen allowing beginner operators easy run and significant support to the experts ones.

Technical Details
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