Plasma Tube 3D

Plasma Pipe Cutting Equipment

Plasma Tube is the best solution to cut round, square, rectangular Pipes and Profiles.

Strong mechanical structure, Brushless Motors positioning for all the axes, powerful and accurate rotating Spindles with 4 roller jaws. Wide range of working Pipes dimensions and weight, flexible equipment with Air or High Definition Plasma source.

Strongly recommended for metal constructions like Industrial Buildings, Sport Arenas and Bridges, lighting and road sign poles, petrochemical industry and many new applications.

Working Pipes are sustained along their length by one or more automatic or manual adjusting supports. The Spindle rotation automatically synchronized with X and Y axes is controlled by the CNC and programmed by an evolved software containing parametric figures.

The 3D Bevel cutting and the consequent management of two additional axes, requires the 3D version of the same full compatible 2D programming software, available as option.

The smoke extraction during the pipe cutting is carried out through the middle of the Spindle by metal flange and hose connected to the Filter.

Programming Software
Raptor | Job Master | Smart HD | Sharp | Plasma Tube 3D
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