Rotating tube cutting tool

The rotating tube cutting tool for profiles, round, square and rectangular pipes is equipped with a strong 4 jaws chuck with clamping rolls and powerful rotation Brushless motor.

The tube is held along its length by one or more intermediate supports with manual or automatic position adjustment.

The spindle rotation, automatically synchronized with X and Y axes is managed by the CNC control.

The programming software is provided of a complete library of parametric forms.

The 2D programming software for round pipes needs the 3D upgrade to cut square and rectangular pipes that is proposed as an option.

The smoke extraction of tube cutting tool is achieved through the central section of the chuck by a metallic flange reduction connected to the filter with a flexible tube.

tagliatubi rotativo lavorazione tagliatubi rotativo
Technical Details
  • Technical Details
  • Raptor Details
  • THC
    Automatic Torch Height Control by precise arc voltage detection combined with anti-collision safety device with adjustable sensibility, allow High Quality Plasma the best performance.
  • IHS
    Function to detect the sheet metal position even when cutting rusty, painted, pre-coated or plastic film protected surface that disturb an accurate detection of the arc voltage.
  • SPT
    Save Piercing Time
  • LPD
    Laser Plate Detector. Laser beam device detecting automatically the distance between torch and working plate allowing to save piercing time up to three times and automatic plate squaring function as well as cutting start position.
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