6 working station drilling-tapping head with automatic tool change

6 stations automatic tool change Drilling and Tapping Head for maximum hole Ø 24 mm and tapping up to M_18 equipped with automatic tool cooling and lubrication atomized system allowing to save fluid.

Powerful Brushless drilling motor for maximum working precision provided of automatic rotation stop by power overload.

working station drilling-tapping head drilling-tapping head with automatic tool change
Technical Details
  • Technical Details
  • Raptor Details
  • THC
    Automatic Torch Height Control by precise arc voltage detection combined with anti-collision safety device with adjustable sensibility, allow High Quality Plasma the best performance.
  • IHS
    Function to detect the sheet metal position even when cutting rusty, painted, pre-coated or plastic film protected surface that disturb an accurate detection of the arc voltage.
  • SPT
    Save Piercing Time
  • LPD
    Laser Plate Detector. Laser beam device detecting automatically the distance between torch and working plate allowing to save piercing time up to three times and automatic plate squaring function as well as cutting start position.
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